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China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition kicks off grandly
China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition kicks off grandly
| China Post |2019-06-11

China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition, also known as the “Olympic Games for Philately”, kicked off in Wuhan on June 11. With philatelic organizations from 84 countries and regions participating, and 4683 frames of qualified exhibits entered, this exhibition marks the first major international philatelic cultural exchange event for China in the new era.

The event has been reported immediately by such mainstream overseas media as American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and so on. It has then been reprinted by other media including TV homepages under Fox Broadcasting Company, industry websites, popular blogs, Asahi Shimbun, Australian Associated Press, www.excite.com, Kyodo News Agency, Mainichi Shimbun, Yahoo Finance, DPA News Aktuell, Agencia EFE, ADVFN, etc.

Zhang Huaixi, Vice Chairman of the 10th CPPCC National Committee, Wang Jiarui, Vice Chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, Li Xiaopeng, Minister of Transport and Chairman of China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition organizing committee, Jiang Chaoliang, Secretary of Hubei Provincial Committee of the CPC (hereafter referred to as Hubei Provincial Party Committee) and Director of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress, Wang Xiaodong, Governor of Hubei Province and Deputy Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee , Ma Junsheng, Director General of State Post Bureau, Liu Aili, Chairman of China Post Group, Bernard Beston, President of International Philatelic Federation (FIP), Yang Limin, President of All-China Philatelic Federation, Ma Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, Liang Weinian, Secretary-General of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Member of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, and Cao Guangjing, Vice Governor of Hubei Province , touched the paper cranes simultaneously on the big screen. As the paper cranes began flying, the curtain of the China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition officially raised.

Wang Xiaodong, Bernard Beston and Li Xiaopeng each gave a passionate speech at the opening ceremony. They all stated that philately has been deeply loved by people all over the world for its rich and varied forms and contents. It has evolved into a distinctive cultural event, and become an important platform for cultural exchanges among people across the world. As an integrated philatelic cultural event with wide participation of member organizations from all over the world, the world stamp exhibition gives full play to its role as a bridge and  bond for spreading civilization, exchanging culture and enhancing friendship. This Exhibition is not only a cultural feast, but also a grand gathering for cultural exchanges and mutual learning among countries all over the world. It will surely facilitate exchanges and cooperation in the postal and philatelic circles between China and other countries, and promote friendship and people-to-people exchanges among people across the world.

At the opening ceremony, the commemorative stamps of China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition made their debut. Zheng Bingxian, Honorary Chairman of FIP and consultant of China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition, Hu Shuguang, Chairman of Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, Dai Yingjun, Deputy Director General of State Post Bureau, Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group, and Lin Hongliang, Secretary General of the Asian-Pacific Postal Union, together touched the crystal ball. With the unfolding of an antique-style painting scroll on the big screen, the commemorative stamp designs were displayed. The commemorative stamps consist of one set of two pieces and a miniature sheet. The designs are taken respectively from The Splendors of Jianghan—a silk painting scroll of the Ming dynasty , kept in Wuhan Museum, and the bronze Zun and Pan of Marquis Yi of the Zeng State in the Warring-States Period kept in Hubei Museum.

The elaborate ceremony was interwoven with three performances: Chime Bell Music and Dancing, a creative show of Han embroidery stamps Join Hands with the World, and a song and dance show Life in the New Era, extending a warm welcome to friends from all over the world, highlighting the long history of the traditional Chinese culture, showing the national temperament and glory of China as the host country.

This Exhibition is sponsored by the State Post Bureau, organized by Wuhan Municipal Government, China Post Group, All-China Philatelic Federation, and Department of Transportation of Hubei Province. The theme of the exhibition is “mutual prosperity of the industry, mutual trust in peaceful development, mutual learning between cultures, and mutual benefits for ecology”. Its purpose is to promote friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries and regions worldwide, and contribute to the common progress of the human civilization. With altogether 84 participating countries and regions as well as 4683 frames of exhibits, this is a stamp exhibition ever held in China with the largest number of exhibit frames and rare stamps, the largest scale and the most distinctive features.







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