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China Post joins hands with Ministry of Commerce for poverty
China Post joins hands with Ministry of Commerce for poverty
| China Post |2019-10-18

As China’s National Poverty Relief Day on Oct. 17 was approaching, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) organized farm produce and specialty fairs for their fixed-point poverty alleviation areas in Guang’an District of Guang’an City and Yilong County of Nanchong City in Sichuan Province as well as Chengbu Miao Autonomous County in Hunan Province. From October 14 to 18, the offline fair was held in the office building of MOC, while the online fair was supported by China Post via its e-commerce portal ule.com, where China Post set up a special zone for the MOC, listing over 60 farm produces and specialties from the fixed-point poverty alleviation areas. The online event will last till October 23. At the same time, China Post integrated these poverty alleviation products into its philanthropic program and promoted them through its official Weibo account and other channels.

China Post has always been earnestly performing its political responsibility of fighting against poverty. It has helped to reduce the number of poor counties and increase farmers’ revenue substantially through e-commerce. So far, China Post has opened 657 Ule specialty shopping malls online for poverty alleviation, covering 832 national-level poverty-stricken counties. It has also established more than 600,000 Ule offline stations, and launched about 3000 poverty alleviation projects through e-commerce in different places, selling 40 million poverty alleviation products, driving farm produce sales to nearly 20 billion yuan (about 2.83 billion US dollars), assisting farmers in generating a revenue of over 1 billion yuan (about 141.58 million US dollars), and lifting over 500,000 people out of poverty.

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