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2019 World Stamp Exhibition permanently settled in Optics Valley, Wuhan
2019 World Stamp Exhibition permanently settled in Optics Valley, Wuhan
| China Post |2019-10-15

On October 12, the permanent venue of China 2019 World Stamp Exhibition (WSE) was unveiled in the Future City of the Optics Valley (Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Zone), Wuhan, Hubei Province. The permanent venue comprehensively showcased the grand occasion of China 2019 WSE, and it also serves as a post office providing various postal services and philatelic products for foreign friends, businesses in the Optics Valley, and local residents. Liu Xinglong, Chairman of Hubei Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles (HFLAC) and winner of the 8th Maodun Literature Prize, was invited to be the honorary postmaster of the Post Office of Optics Valley of China, also the permanent venue of China 2019 WSE.

China 2019 WSE was held in Wuhan from June 11 to June 17. It was the third time that China hosted the world stamp exhibition—the “Olympiad” in the world of philately. During the 7 days of exhibition, a total of 4,683 frames from 85 countries and regions were exhibited, 11 cultural events were held, and 400,000 visitors were received. Therefore, this WSE has become a showroom for the philatelic cultures of the world, a stage demonstrating the remarkable achievements China has made in the past seven decades and a platform promoting the influence and high-quality development of Wuhan City. Covering over 300 square meters, the permanent exhibition hall is divided into such sections as Introduction of the WSE, Events about the Exhibition, Stamps the People's Republic of China has issued since its founding 70 years ago, Wuhan-themed Stamps, and WSE-themed Stamps, etc. It preserves and displays the whole range of materials from the bidding to the holding of the WSE, including videos, texts, emblem, mascot, commemorative stamps, commemorative postmarks and so on. In the section for the stamps issued by the People’s Republic of China, altogether 4821 pieces in 1402 sets of stamps are collectively displayed on an interactive touch screen of about 7 meters long and 4 meters high. You can zoom in on each stamp and learn more about its detailed background story. Stamps bearing the elements of Wuhan are shown in the section of Wuhan-themed Stamps. You can see the landmark building of the Optics Valley, Calla Lily, where the permanent venue is located, on the special stamps Yangtze River Economic Belt.

Calla Lily in the Optics Valley is the largest bionic architecture in China and a model of green building with international influence, whose molding is also the major component of the float representing Hubei province in the mass pageantry celebrating the 70th National Day.

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