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China Post Green Development Initiative
China Post Green Development Initiative
| China Post |2019-11-01

Building an ecological civilization is closely related to the well-being of the people and to the future of the nation. China Post adheres to President Xi Jinping's thought on ecological civilization, fully puts the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China into practice, firmly establishes the concept of green development, comprehensively implements the "9571 Project" (a plan to reduce and recycle e-commerce parcel packaging in the express delivery industry) proposed by the State Post Bureau, further promotes the green post construction campaign, and takes solid action in the battle against pollution.

Green post, green development. On the occasion of the Green Development Publicity Week, China Post is willing to join hands with all parties to build a beautiful China. For this purpose, China Post advocates:

We advocate greening. We will implement green procurement and use environment-friendly packaging products, research and develop new environment-friendly packaging materials, and reduce packaging pollution and protect the natural environment.

We advocate reduction. We will promote scientific packaging by reducing the amount of packing tape used and expand the use of electronic waybills to the rate of more than 95%. Besides, we will comprehensively reduce the over packaging of mails to achieve packaging reduction and prevent waste of resources.

We advocate recycling. We will promote the application of recycling containers, extensively set up packaging material recycling devices at the postal outlets, and strengthen cooperation with packaging production enterprises and recycling companies to form joint effort in the construction of social recycling mechanism.

We advocate energy saving and emission reduction. We will advance the work of energy saving and consumption reduction in operations, increase the adoption of smart equipment, and continuously improve the level of mechanization, intelligentization and informatization.

New era, new journey. Let us work together and take active steps to contribute to a more beautiful China. China Post will always be your "green messenger" to deliver the beauty everywhere!

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